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BMW M5 VR Dealer Training

Understanding complex technology as a non-technician and experiencing technology and control systems working in secret. A virtual test drive that uses virtual reality to illustrate the functionalities and technologies of the world’s fastest business sedan, which are elusive in reality.


For a BMW M Gmbh training course, a solution was sought to familiarise BMW dealers with the technology of the BMW M5. Due to the hidden working technology and control systems, the task was to put on stage a virtual test drive. The aim is not only to introduce the BMW M5’s wide range of set-up options and driving modes but also to make them tangible.

BMW M5 Virtual Reality Haendlertraining Händler


Using a virtual reality application, we send the user on a virtual test drive. In various situations, we illustrate the specific driving modes and the underlying technology and control systems. The user thus experiences the extreme contrast between the driving behaviour of the BMW M5 in the city and on the race track. Thus it becomes clear how with a few keystrokes the vehicle mutates from an everyday car to a racing monster.

During the virtual test drive, we give the user deeper insights into the interaction of the vehicle components. On an extended level, the user receives explanatory icons and texts. Here we play with the attention of the users and thus direct the attention to the important elements in the VR room. The connection between feeling the variance of the vehicle characteristics and understanding the vehicle components responsible for them reaches a new level for being experienceable. With VR, we make possible what a real test drive could not convey.

In addition, we have developed a specially adapted app that makes it easy to use the virtual test drive for events. Without technically trained personnel on site and without additional effort, a smooth process can be guaranteed.


Estoril in Portugal was the successful starting point for the new series of BMW M dealer events. Our app is successfully used in practice as a supplementary training concept. 70 users simultaneously experience the virtual test drive via a combination of Google Pixel and Daydream VR glasses. It demonstrates the everyday suitability and simplicity of handling a Virtual Reality application even for large groups.