Virtual Trade Fairs & Showrooms

Establish the potential of Virtual Trade Fairs, Virtual Showrooms and Virtual Shops profitably.


Trade fairs have always fascinated trade visitors, members of the press and enthusiasts. The opportunity to experience products up close, to exchange ideas with exhibitors. The need to talk to experts makes thousands of visitors flock to trade fairs every year. On the one hand it is about the products, on the other hand it is about the social event, i.e. the togetherness. To represent trade fairs completely in digital space is a challenge. A challenge, but one that offers great opportunities.

Several innovation concepts of Effekt-Etage show how the potentials can be permanently established as a profitable platform, from virtual trade fairs to virtual showrooms and virtual shops.


The building blocks for virtual trade fairs or virtual shops are a digital room as a trade fair stand / sales room. Digital contents and products as well as the possibility of interaction for personal exchange. In line with our holistic approach, a further building block is a marketing strategy, i.e. a campaign around the virtual platform.

Effekt-Etage has been at home in all three areas for several years and is considered a motor for innovation.

Digital space
A digital walk-in showroom is the basis for virtual fairs and events. A central platform for virtual product introductions, sales talks and presentations. The possibilities range from 360° photos, renderings, videos to interactive 3D solutions using real-time 3D. There does not have to be an either or, from case to case, hybrid solutions can be the most profitable way. In the field of digitizing products, the Effekt-Etage CGI Pipeline can develop its full potential. All ways to create a digital twin of your product are implemented in it. From feeding the Effekt-Etage CGI Pipeline with CAD data to scanning your products. In the case of services, digital storytelling comes into play and opens the way to the further sales process.

Embedded in a modern HTML 5 setup, the virtual trade fair can be experienced on all end devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, smart TV). From any place and at any time.

After setting up the virtual booth is before the fair. Now it is time to stage the products and services and to enter into dialogue with the customers. There are a number of suitable formats to convince virtually and win real customers and generate sales.

With 3D product presentations and videos you can interactively introduce customers and interested parties to your brand and product and arouse demand.

With press conferences, livestreams, keynotes and demos they can convince their own target group of themselves and their products and services. Communicate knowledge and strengthen the company profile.

They can build and maintain personal relationships through technical discussions and chats in virtual meeting rooms. Exchange contact data and build a database with valuable contact information.

Virtual – and Augmented Reality Experiences are highlights at trade fairs and events. Especially for virtual trade fairs, these technologies offer maximum immersive and lasting experiences. Effekt-Etage is also a driving force in this area and develops new technologies for collaborative interaction in Social VR.

Just like in the analogue world, without marketing everything is nothing. Without marketing there are no visitors at the trade fair or in the shop. This is all the more true for virtual trade fairs, as they are less established than real trade fairs. Accordingly, the planning and support of a campaign before, during and after the virtual trade fair is crucial.

Cornerstones of the campaign
» Website
» Mailing & Newsletter
» Social media
» Content / Content for communication
» Tracking
» Evaluation


As a result, exhibitors can present their products in an interactive exhibition stand or showroom. Experts can virtually present your products to customers and interested parties, experts can present their product and know-how in a live event.

More visitors
» Worldwide accessible events without borders
» Anyone can participate
» Open 24/7
» Arbitrarily scalable

More interaction
» More personal customer conversations
» Interactive product presentations
» Live webinars, workshops, demos and unlimited meeting rooms for consultation

Further advantages
» Inspire virtually and win real customers
» All contacts and leads on one platform
» Measurable results ROI
» Opening up the possibility of using AI for even better customer experiences and conversion-enhancing offers
» Integration of the platform into an Omnichannel strategy