»Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic«

Arthur C. Clarke

Only technology with soul appeals to your customers.

Our goal is to create digital user experiences along your entire value chain that have never been experienced before. As an innovative partner, we want to be at your side in the long term to place your brand and products perfectly on the digital stage.

With the help of 3D models, media can already be created today which cannot be distinguished from reality. In addition, they open up possibilities for you that would not be possible to make into reality. We want to further perfect well-known media such as images and films and take them into the digital space. Within new channels such as VR and AR, we want to continue to be an international driving force and to play a decisive role in shaping future channels. Always with the focus on your customers and always with the goal that technology as such is not perceptible. Only the experience with the brand and the product is the focus, as well as the feeling of having experienced something magical. Technology with soul.

A new kind of business structure.

Digital change makes new structures, new production methods and new concepts possible. We life these new possibilities, seeing ourselves as a fusion of creative agency, technical service provider and production house. Agility is the key to success in times of constantly changing media and requirements. Having no fear of contact, we are creative, consult and implement. We focus on the realisation of your vision which becomes reality with our expertise. Together we create something new and unique on an award-winning level for you, as a creative agency or industrial customer.

People with a digital heart.

In the heart of the creative stronghold of Berlin and  in the metropolitan region Munich , our international team is working on your digital future. The spacious, bright spaces of our offices reflect our philosophy. Being open, communicating, having the courage to do things differently. We work in an inter-disciplinary way, from creation to production and create award-winning solutions that set standards.

With us, digital artists for 2D and 3D, as well as real-time 3D work hand-in-hand with developers. Our Digital Consultants form the bridge between Conceptual Designers & Project Managers. They combine both worlds and are thus in a position to advise you comprehensively and to lead the team both technically and in terms of content. With agile teams and an expert depth across all levels, we create solutions that re-define standards.

Management Effekt-Etage Björn Kowalski Jörg Gutzke

Sometimes leading also means
not knowing the way.

We believe that only those who have the courage to tread unknown paths can discover new things. The will to enter unknown territory, paired with our many years of experience in the field of CGI, user interface and app development, forms the basis for it also to be the innovation driver in tomorrow’s world of visual brand and product staging. In our rapidly changing times, our claim to set standards is the guideline for our actions. Together with you, we would like to use the opportunities of digital transformation for your brand and product communication.

The company is managed as a team by the managing director Jörg Gutzke and the founder Dipl.-Ing. Digitale Medien Björn Kowalski.

The things we attach value to.

A personal conversation says more than a thousand e-mails. Communication is the key to success. We see ourselves as a partner at eye level with our customers because only together can great things be created. Communication and respect also mean saying unsettling things and finding solutions together.