Virtual Film & Photo Shootings

Virtual film shootings offer many possibilities.

They broaden our horizon because everything imaginable can be visualised with Computer Generated Images (CGI). Whether films which cannot be distinguished from reality, films to explain otherwise hidden technical processes or to introduce complex provisions and services. The creativity of our artists in combination with our technical expertise let unique worlds become reality.

Virtual photographic sessions, i.e. sessions that take place on the computer based on the 3D data model, allow us to produce artworks at the highest creative level.

One advantage of this method is the scalability of production. Whether a single, breathtaking image or a series of several hundred images, every challenge can be solved with the highest quality. Following our claim to be the industry’s best for visualisation, our tools allow us to create a combination of quantity and quality. Future-proof, efficient and sustainable. Time- and cost-efficient updating of your content, such as images and films, are central to our production pipeline. In this way, we are optimally adapted to the life cycle of your products.