Berlin, 15.08.2018

The BMW Group and Effekt-Etage are strengthening their partnership in the area of digital brand and product communication for the coming years.

Effekt-Etage wins two budgets with BMW AG. For one, the company will create the visualizations of all newly released BMW models for the online configurator until 2020. Additionally, Effekt-Etage belongs for the first time to the group of implementation partners for lithography and CGI image production.

Frame contract – BMW online configurator image data creation

For more than ten years Effekt-Etage has been a partner of BMW AG in the area of image data creation for the online configurator, which was recently voted to be among the top three of the world’s best online configurators by Auto Bild (Auto Bild issue no. 31 / 02.08.2018). The company will continue to produce all new vehicle models until 2020.

Frame contract – Lithography / CGI

By winning the budget in the field of lithography / CGI, Effekt-Etage for the first time belongs to the group of implementation partners for lithography and CGI image production for print and online. The framework agreement includes the creation and post-production of visual material for the three brands: BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad.

»We are very much looking forward to the collaboration with new specialist departments and the associated classical lithography and CGI product presentation. It is nice to be able to use our modern production pipeline in a rather traditional area in order to realize exciting projects in a budget-friendly way and to sustainably increase turnover. When working on classical artwork, we are particularly delighted about the artistic 2D component, since the innovative areas of Real-time 3D, VR and AR usually guarantee growth for us.« – Björn Kowalski, CCO at Effekt-Etage.

About Effekt-Etage

Effekt-Etage specialises in visualisation as well as digital brand and product experiences. The company develops scalable solutions for the entire Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) process and holistic digital applications.

From data preparation in order to create a digital product twin to the creation and implementation of all media across all touchpoints of a modern user journey, Effekt-Etage covers a wide range of services. The portfolio includes: the conversion of design data, virtual film and photo shoots, product configurators, as well as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and holistic app / web applications.


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