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BMW Light and Sound

A one of a kind interactive, audiovisual experience, where the visitors control the music and the light through movement alone.

Client: BMW AG
Agency: Meiré und Meiré


The task was to create a space that reacts dynamically with light and sound to the movements of the visitors.


The basis was created by the specially designed room installation consisting of tracking cameras and interactive sound and LED light units. The positioning of the cameras ensured a seamless tracking of the movement of the visitors through the room and thus the intuitive operation of the experience. In order to make the visitor a conductor of unique moments, for each of the 32 interactive units a custom light and music composition was being developed.

The experience commenced as soon as a visitor approached the exhibit. Depending on the position of the visitor, the nearest interactive sound and LED-light units were automatically triggered. These interactive elements intuitively invited the user to engage. The individual experience was extended to a group momentum through the presence of several people. If, for example, the visitors formed together a circle, they experienced a special highlight.


Every moment was unique. A room reacted and interacted magically with the visitor. Individually or together as a group, each visitor could conduct their own light and music composition.

Due to the particular visual effect even at a distance, the exhibit became a visitor magnet at the Auto Salon in Geneva. Due to the success of BMW Light & Sound in Switzerland, the exhibit was sent on a “road tour” to 50 other exhibitions in China.