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Genesis G80 Magma Special

A thrilling film, produced in UNREAL, showcasing the technical components and driving capabilities of this unique high-performance vehicle.

Client: Genesis


The Genesis G80 Magma Special is the high-performance limited edition of the G80. Everything from the design to the aerodynamics as well as many technical components were modified to enhance the athletic component of the car.

The task was to create an action-packed film for the world premiere in Dubai. With a twinkle in the eye the film should make the outstanding capabilities of the vehicle with action and suspense à la James Bond tangible.

The challenge: The film production took place in parallel to the development of the actual vehicle.


Special cast | The film starts in semi dark. Boston Dynamic robots assemble the final parts of the vehicle. Boston Dynamic, a Hyundai Group subsidiary and the global leader in developing and deploying highly mobile robots, supplied the original data for the robot models Spot and Atlas. The CGI experts of Effekt-Etage than not just animated the robots, they gave them a soul, making them a very special part of the film’s cast.

Racing and crusing | High-speed maneuvers on a racetrack inspired by the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi underline the vehicle’s capabilities. As cool-down and contrasting program to the race track, the performance saloon glides in the end along the Meydan Bridge in Dubai towards its world premiere.

Data handling | The final 3D data of the vehicle were only available shortly before the premiere, as it was developed in parallel with the film production.

Thanks to the  flexible real-time pipeline of the Effekt-Etage, the data could be seamlessly integrated into the production pipeline and the film then rendered in 4K within a very short time

“Our real-time pipeline once again enabled us to work efficiently. It can handle different 3D data and file formats. This enabled us to create a completely digital film in the shortest possible time. The flexibility and speed of our pipeline opens up new possibilities for film productions in terms of minimal timelines with maximum creative freedom” – says Björn Kowalski, founder of Effekt-Etage.


Ninety seconds of excitement and action. Glowing brake discs and smoking tyres paired with a relaxed “cool down” in the desert.  The film sets new benchmarks in CGI production in terms of dramaturgy and efficiency.

In addition, a series of images were produced showing the color and wheel variants of the vehicle.