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Single Source realtime production for Audi

Audi uses the realtime engine UNREAL for the central provision of all visual content for all touchpoints of a contemporary customer journey.

Client: Audi Business Innovation


With the Unreal-based visualisation pipeline AVP (Automotive Visualization Platform), Audi Business Innovation consistently follows the path of the single source of truth approach. This means, on basis of the digital twin, all digital touchpoints of a contemporary costumer journey are served with content from a central data source. According to the individual purpose and requirements, images and films for design and feature presentation, content on demand and streaming solutions for product visualizer, as well as content for complex layer-based online configurators are generated in a highly automated manner. At the point of sale, the system also offers realtime configurators and individualised driving films.


The data-driven visualisation solution is highly automated and modular. Components such as vehicles, animations, environments and lighting of the purely digitally generated assets can be freely combined with each other. This accelerates processes and significantly reduces costs.

Through the ongoing refinement of tools and workflows Effekt-Etage is constantly pushing the boundaries of automation in content production. The development of new software components accelerates this process even further and also allows new types of media assets to be seamlessly integrated into the pipeline.

For the entire model portfolio, Effekt-Etage, as the framework contract partner for “Content Production, Realtime Visualisation and Development”, creates media assets from one central data source for all digital touchpoints.



Modular and highly automated, the Unreal-based pipeline combines the efficiency and quality of an industrial process with the freedom of creative design: Always with the aim of creating unique user experiences in a constantly changing digital environment.

Today the AVP already maps all digital touchpoints of the customer journey and enables enormous potentials for future, innovative customer communication and product experiences.