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BMW 8 Series Vehicle Advance Communication

Sa Calobra: 14 km long, 12 hairpin bends and the famous 270° spiral bridge known as the ‘knot in the tie’ — the perfect location to experience the new BMW 8 Series Coupé in virtual reality.

Client: BMW AG


Guests at an invitation-only VIP event in Miami were to be given the chance to experience the exclusive design of the new BMW 8 Series Coupé before the official vehicle launch.

BMW 8er VR Experience Effekt-Etage CGI Virtual Reality


With the help of Samsung’s Gear VR, event visitors were whisked off to the Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca, Spain. Here, a breath-taking winding road above the bay of Sa Calobra offers the perfect backdrop for the BMW 8er Coupé VR Experience. An experience created to discover the vehicle and the road beneath it.

Filming was completed using the Nokia OZO, a stereoscopic high-end camera that shoots 360° video and audio. The vehicle was then integrated into the virtual scenery in post-production with the help of its 3D data model. Fast-moving clips are interspersed with slow-motion sequences to create a highly memorable impression of the vehicle’s character and design. Immersion is perfected with the 360° spatial audio soundtrack.


A 360-degree film that literally transports the viewer into another world. The awe-inspiring surroundings plus the stunning BMW 8 Series Coupé are a match made in heaven. A specially developed app also ensured that this VR experience was easy to deploy. Even without specialist personnel on hand, the event was also a complete success in technical terms.