Berlin, 02.09.2019

Effekt-Etage provides long-term support for Volkswagen AG as a driving force in the field of digital touchpoints

Effekt-Etage intensifies its collaboration with Volkswagen AG with the signing of the new frame contract »ensuring the real time car experience«. The budget coomprises long-term support in operational processes and the further development of innovative, digital touchpoints with the Volkswagen brand. 

Digitalisation leads to increased developmental requirements towards companies

Effekt-Etage will support Volkswagen AG in meeting the challenge of digitalisation and in exploiting the consequent opportunities for innovative vehicle presentations using digital media.

»We are in a state of transition – moving away from traditional CGI imaging towards real-time technologies. The challenge here is to deploy real-time in a way that it replaces real and classic CGI shoots on a visual level. Furthermore, the creation of innovative touchpoints such as interactive streams, augmented reality and virtual reality requires a high degree of usability. We are delighted to be driving this development of unique user experience solutions forward together with Volkswagen on a strategic consulting level and to support the implementation on an operational level.« – Björn Kowalski, CCO at Effekt-Etage.

In the past, Effekt-Etage has actively contributed to the digitisation of its customers’ sales processes by increasing automation and individualisation. For example, it already implements innovative virtual reality presentation tools for the product development process and 3D data-based brand communication for VW Nutzfahrzeuge.

About Effekt-Etage

Effekt-Etage specialises in visualisation as well as digital brand and product experiences. The company develops scalable solutions for the entire Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) process and holistic digital applications.

From data preparation in order to create a digital product twin to the creation and implementation of all media across all touchpoints of a modern user journey, Effekt-Etage covers a wide range of services. The portfolio includes: the conversion of design data, virtual film and photo shoots, product configurators, as well as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and holistic app / web applications.


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