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CGI Animation BMW xDrive

BMW xDrive is available in over 100 models. We illustrate how it works and experience in CGI Animation the brand promise of “driving pleasure” being fulfilled.

Client: BMW AG


BMW was looking for a way to make the complex technology of the xDrive drive accessible and comprehensible to the layman. The reason for this is a product offensive which makes the smart all-wheel drive available in over 100 models. A particular challenge of this assignment was to present the technology without a speaker who provided more in-depth explanations. In addition, it was important for BMW to integrate the CGI animation into real filmed material.

CGI Animation


We developed a concept that uses “X-ray views” and slow motion to visualise the processes that otherwise would remain hidden. The viewer finds at a second level text insertions that can be quickly captured . Various scenarios illustrate the advantages of the BMW xDrive system. So we experience xDrive in the snow and the advantage of the system, the traction, under the most adverse conditions. Dynamic cornering and the all-wheel drive system optimised for economy are advantages that are illustrated in typical situations. We have animated several vehicles for these scenes, both from the outside and inside the drive, elaborately and down to the smallest detail. For the combination with the real film shots, we rely on photographic-realistic animations, which make obsolete the difference between real film and CGI animation.


The proverbial driving force can be felt in a way that has never been experienced before. The viewer goes on a journey through the technically innovative world of BMW xDrive. Following this, the CGI animation is used at BMW both for internal training and to demonstrate the functionality and advantages of the system to end customers.

BMW xDrive “For more driving pleasure”!