CGI pipeline for BMW Motorrad

The virtual photographic session: Crossing over analog borders.Our start in the digitalisation of content production at BMW Motorrad.
Visually of high quality, creative content, always up-to-date and customisable. The 3D data models obtained from construction data (CAD) form the basis for the virtual photo shootings. The CGI pipeline does not end here, however: All content, from configurators to the web to classic sales literature, is produced purely virtually with it.

Client: BMW Motorrad


Implementation of a sustainable production process that allows the creation of image content for the on-line configurator, online communication and classic product catalogues for all motorcycle models and their accessories in short production periods. National product accuracy and constant updating of the internationally used media were, of course, part of the requirement for the CGI pipeline.

BMW Motorrad Konfigurator Effekt-Etage


Holistically, starting with four motorcycle models, we set up a digital workflow. The basis was formed by the 3D product data gathered directly from various design departments. These were cleaned, structured and provided with surfaces. In addition, digital images of parts that are not available as design data, for example, tank bags, were created manually. The 3D data models of the motorcycles in all their product variants, which were thus obtained and centrally stored, served as the basis for the production of the various media.

For the configurator, the motorcycles were integrated into back-plates which were shot as film, so that the fully configurable images are highly emotive and cannot be distinguished from reality. An innovative feature in the field of CGI pipeline production for vehicle configurators. The layer technology which we use, based on rendered product components in conjunction with the appropriate back-end server, allows us to provide any configuration in a photographic-realistic and interactive way at low running costs.

The same 3D database was used for a classic studio shooting. Only that here this shooting took place purely virtually. This resulted in high-resolution CGI product and detail shots of the highest quality.


A homogeneous image language at the highest level, across all communication channels and applications. By centralising the 3D data models approved by product management and the central output of all image components for the various channels, the process enables a significant reduction in the required acceptance loops with regard to product accuracy and display mode. The resources gained through the CGI pipeline are reflected in a positive budget framework and short production times. Above all, they allow more time to be invested in the creative development of the material and make it possible to create even more impressive images. This is precisely on what our claim to be the innovation driver in data-based image generation using a CGI pipeline is based. We have more time for creativity as well as high-end quality through smart use of technology and work processes. Quantity and creativity are not opposites for us.