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Opel Exclusive

More colourful than the reality. The first web visualiser with 16.7 million colours.
We put on the digital stage the new sub-brand from Opel – Opel Exclusive.


With the Opel Exclusive sub-brand, Opel offers its customers a product individualisation that is not ubiquitous even in the top ranges and luxury segment of the automotive sector. In addition to exclusive design options such as bi-colour rims, the finest leather and illuminated door sills, the customer can obtain their vehicle in virtually any imaginable exterior colour. This product range, unique in its class, was to be communicated and staged in a forward-looking and innovative manner in the digital space from the modern consumer viewpoint.

Opel Exclusive Microsite Making


HTML5 has been used to create a responsive micro-site that impresses on every device with its lightness and modernity in terms of design and usability. Visually, the focus is on product images which are large, high-quality and are always alive as a result of movement. They were created purely on the computer using the 3D data model of the vehicles and are paired with device-specific, intuitive usability. The Visualiser is thus the highlight. With its help, the user can display their vehicle in really any colour. The micro-site offers various options for this. For example, colour and saturation controls can be used to create any personal choice of colour. However, it can be even more intuitive. The micro-site offers the possibility to take a photograph and from it transfer a colour to the vehicle. Thus the favourite nail polish or the colour of the partner’s eyes can be photographed and transferred to the vehicle simply by tapping on the corresponding image area in the photograph. For the user, the usability, the images being displayed in UHD (4K) as well as the extremely fast response times of the micro-site are impressive. For the provider, low running costs and a scalable server environment of our layer-based system solution corresponding to the access numbers are fascinating. The range of functions is unique worldwide, for a high performance running Visualiser based on HTML5 and available on all end devices, from mobile phone to desktop computer.

An additional component of digital communication is the Augmented Reality app. Like the micro-site, it offers the possibility to create any paint colour. The user can also view the vehicle in real time from all sides, thus having a digital twin of the real product on their desk. Fascination for iOS and Android.


20 languages, 20 key markets and millions of accesses show the success of the Visualiser and the connected Augmented Reality. They also form the basis for trade fair appearances at the Geneva Motor Show and the IAA in Frankfurt, as well as at numerous other market-specific events. Innovative usability and groundbreaking technology combined with perfect image worlds, as well as seamless integration into the Opel on-line world.

These features make the Visualiser and Augmented Reality an fixed part of the customer journey around the Opel Exclusive brand. They set new standards in optimising the value chain and impressively demonstrate the new possibilities offered by data-based product visualisation. Numerous awards in categories such as “General Marketing Website/Micro-site” or “Visual Appeal – Aesthetics for Websites” underline this claim.

  • German Brand Award Winner 2018
  • Annual Multimedia Awards 2018 Silver Silber
  • W3 Awards
  • Davey Awards 2017 Silver Winner