Berlin, 27.03.2020

Effekt-Etage GmbH becomes strategic partner for Audi Business Innovation GmbH

With the signing of a master agreement for content production, real-time visualization and development, Effekt-Etage has entered a long-term development partnership with Audi Business Innovation GmbH for work on its highly automated internal Automotive Visualization Platform (AVP).

Audi Business Innovation GmbH supplies visualization solutions to meet the needs of sales and marketing channels worldwide within the Volkswagen Group. The Automotive Visualization Platform (AVP) itself is the company’s central platform for the system-driven, industrial-scale production and provisioning of product visualizations for all digital sales channels.

Effekt-Etage CCO Björn Kowalski: “Digital imaging has long since attained—and in some cases even surpassed—the quality of conventional photographic shoots, and is now an integral part of visual communication across all channels. So it’s now an exciting proposition to go one step further and apply the visual quality of ‘traditional rendering’ to real-time engines—and especially game engines like Unreal, for example. Paired with a consistent data structure and massively automated processes, this drives the long-term provisioning of visual content to all touchpoints in the contemporary customer journey – and with frequent releases that are both personalized and cost-effective. It’s a quantum leap in digital imaging.” 


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