Berlin, 21.06.2018

Effekt-Etage scores twice at the German Brand Award for »Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation«.

At this year’s German Brand Award, Effekt-Etage won two prizes. The Opel Exclusive microsite and the BMW i & Samsung 360° VR Experience were honoured as »Winner« in the category »Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation«.

German Brand Award

The German Brand Award is a distinction for successful brand management in Germany. It discovers, presents and rewards unique brands and brand makers – and not only advances the winners, but also their respective industries. The initiator of the German Brand Award is the German Design Council, which was established as a foundation in 1953 on the initiative of the German Bundestag by the Federation of German Industries and several leading companies.

Opel Exclusive Microsite

Opel and Effekt-Etage scored »Winner« at the German Brand Award in the category »Brand Creation Web & Mobile« with their digital staging of the new sub-brand of Opel: Opel Exclusive. At the highest technical and visual level, the specially designed microsite serves as the most important digital touchpoint for the new sub-brand. The main focus is the Visualizer, which invites the user to explore the extensive range of premium features. On top of that, the integrated color tool enables a never seen before individualisation of the vehicles in more than 16 million colors – in real time.

In the captivating user journey, Opel not only presents an overview of the new Opel Exclusive models and their design options to potential customers, but also positions the new Opel Exclusive programme as a premium programme for a new group of buyers. At present, the microsite has been successfully deployed in 17 key markets and in 20 languages. In combination with the connected Augmented Reality App, the microsite also formed the basis for trade fair presentations and numerous other market-specific events.

»The award underlines the success story of the digital brand strategy behind the Opel Exclusive sub-brand. The intuitive usability and groundbreaking technology combined with perfect visual language as well as the seamless integration into the Opel online world, set new standards in optimising the value chain and impressively demonstrate the new possibilities of data-based product visualization.« – Björn Kowalski, CCO at Effekt-Etage.

BMW i & Samsung Virtual Reality Experience

The exciting brand experience developed and implemented in cooperation between BMW, Samsung, Dorten and Effekt-Etage was honoured by the German Brand Award jury as a »Winner« in the category »Brand Creation App«. The innovative power of the brand strategy behind the Virtual Reality experience is characterised in particular by the feeling of presence provided by the up-close virtual experience of BMW i vehicles and products – anytime and anywhere – regardless of the showroom size and availability of the real vehicles.

The product experience starts with the choice between the BMW i3 and BMW i8 models, after which the model can be configured as desired. As a conclusion, the user can enjoy their individually configured vehicle on an immersive virtual test drive through Lisbon’s beautiful landscapes.

»The VR application has created a suitable digital showroom for the innovative BMW i3 and BMW i8 vehicles. The showroom offers the possibility to configure the vehicles according to personal preferences and simultaneously illustrates the functionality of the vehicles and the digital services.« – Daniel Kipping, Senior Digital Consultant at Effekt-Etage.

The app has been rolled out internationally and is freely available on the Google Play Store. It is successfully used for communication at dealerships, trade fairs and events and interprets, with its virtual test drive, the brand claim »sheer driving pleasure« in a modern way.

About Effekt-Etage

Effekt-Etage specialises in visualisation as well as digital brand and product experiences. The company develops scalable solutions for the entire Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) process and holistic digital applications.

From data preparation in order to create a digital product twin to the creation and implementation of all media across all touchpoints of a modern user journey, Effekt-Etage covers a wide range of services. The portfolio includes: the conversion of design data, virtual film and photo shoots, product configurators, as well as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and holistic app / web applications.


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