Berlin, 23.03.2021

Unreal Build: Automotive 2021

The automotive industry is currently undergoing an exciting period of transformation. While electric cars and autonomous driving get the big headlines, there are changes happening across the whole industry. One of the biggest drivers for change is real-time technology. It touches every part of the automotive pipeline, from design to engineering to sales and beyond.

The “Unreal: Build Automotive” hosted by Epic Games is the annual event that explores the latest developments in this field. Held for the first time as a fully digital event, Epic will broadcast the show partly from it’s London Innovation Lab using the same innovative virtual production techniques that have recently been used in Hollywood productions and commercials.

In addition to OEMs such as Pagani, GM and BMW, Volkswagen is presenting a new approach to an AI-based visualization pipeline in cooperation with Unevis and the Effekt-Etage.

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About Effekt-Etage

Effekt-Etage specialises in visualisation as well as digital brand and product experiences. The company develops scalable solutions for the entire Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) process and holistic digital applications.

From data preparation in order to create a digital product twin to the creation and implementation of all media across all touchpoints of a modern user journey, Effekt-Etage covers a wide range of services. The portfolio includes: the conversion of design data, virtual film and photo shoots, product configurators, as well as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and holistic app / web applications.


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