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BMW Explainer Clips

Cinematic presentation of all digital products and services of the BMW Group via CGI.


Digital products and services have a lasting impact on our everyday life today. However, especially for non-digital natives, they need some explanation and can even have a deterrent effect in the frequency of their innovations. A series of educational films were made with the purpose of explaining the functionality and advantages of every digital product and service of the BMW Group in an understandable and appealing way. The depth of information should be in modular form. Some films introduce the basic functionality of different services, others take the user step by step and explain their use in detail.

BMW Funktionale Filme Effekt-Etage


The first step towards sustainable, cost-effective and time-efficient production was to create a look and feel for the films. By the visual reduction of  the world in which we move, the focus is directed to the essential. The world was deliberately designed as a model, so that those devices, such as mobile phones or the vehicle display, which were required for the products and services presented, are always displayed in photographic-realistic manner. Thus we drew the viewer’s attention to the important information. We developed a virtual construction kit in a second step. It contains various vehicles, highways and country roads, trees and mountains, houses and offices – in short, everything you need to create a wide variety of scenarios. Equipped with this powerful set of tools, we individually developed a storyboard with speaker text for each film, which presents the respective service in an easily understandable way.


Since 2018, more than 32 films on topics such as Apple Carplay, BMW Connected, ParkNow, Microsoft Exchange in the vehicle, CarData or the Open Mobility Cloud have been produced. Visually and educationally uniform, they help to ensure brand-consistent communication in all areas – and always up-to-date, because updates to the films due to changes in the services presented are an integral part of the production pipeline. The films are used in a broad spectrum: from the on-line sector, through trade fairs and showrooms, at the POS to external and internal events. The films enable a broad target group to experience the BMW Group’s innovations and understand the increasingly complex functionalities.