Mercedes-Benz Wild Road

Wild Road – the endless runner for iOS and Android. Drive a Mercedes through the everyday and fewer everyday dangers of the road. What if something does happen? Mercedes-Benz Repair™ will rectify the damage.


The goal was to create an endless runner that offers long gaming fun, is graphically of high-quality and runs smoothly on older mobile devices running iOS and Android.

App Entwicklung Effekt-Etage


With much love for detail, a game play was developed, which is convincing. The aim of the game, to last as long as possible and to avoid accidents, was graphically implemented in high quality. New road sections and dangerous situations make the game unpredictable. Moreover, every collision with an obstacle causes damage to the vehicle. If the damage gets too large, the game is over, you are game over. This calls for sure instinct.

A share function allows the comparison of the high scores with their friends or invitation to a competition.


It depends on fast reactions, skill and stamina. Exciting action and a nerve-racking hunt for the best high score characterise this game.

With thousands of downloads on Android and iOS and a rating of 4.3 stars, Mercedes-Benz Wild Road successfully convinces users and ensures maximum gaming fun.