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The BMW Ultimate Driving Experience

An immersive driving simulator designed, developed and implemented for the BMW Welt in Munich.

Customer: BMW AG


Every year, the BMW Welt in Munich attracts three million visitors from all over the world. In its exhibitions and events, visitors experience the fascination of the BMW brand. The aim was to give every guest – whether young or old – the opportunity to drive a ‘real’ BMW and to experience sheer driving pleasure first hand.

Making Of BMW Welt Fahrsimulator


The combination of complex components such as full-motion seats, force-feedback steering wheels, hydraulic pedals, touchscreens, VR headsets and high-end graphics computers create an experience for all senses beyond comparison. Elegantly integrated in an exhibit, the technology as such recedes into the background. The focus is set on the driving experience itself and the associated unique user experience.

The track with a steep turn, an off-road terrain and a water park is ideal for the full-motion seats. It lets visitors feel the power of the vehicle as they are shaken or pressed into the seat.

An intuitive operating concept in six languages allows a quick start into the experience. In  the singleplayer mode against time and in the multiplayer mode against friends and family – visitors can go for a ride in various BMW models and feel their driving characteristics .

However, the personal experience does not end with the end of the trip. Each guest receives a fully automated personal video with the highlights of their ride by email. Shareable via social media, the sheer driving pleasure goes beyond the BMW World.


Hop in, ride, share. The “BMW Ultimate Driving Experience” combines the analogue and digital world. It allows BMW Welt visitors to experience up close and to share sheer driving pleasure. The success of the fully immersive driving simulator can – next to the many happy faces – be measured in numbers as well: 200 trips per day, 1,500 personalised videos per week and approx. 80,000 experiences per year. Sheer driving pleasure interpreted in a modern way.