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CGI meets fashion

The digital twin as a force for innovation in the fashion industry / CGI fashion: digital end-to-end.


Product visualization based on CAD data has long been the standard approach in the automotive sector. For over 15 years, Effekt-Etage has been helping to develop these standards and fostering innovations based on the ‘digital twin’. Thanks to its expertise in digital product development and CGI visualization, plus the necessary supporting processes, Effekt-Etage has now entered the world of fashion.

cgi fashion


Photorealistic presentations of complex clothing fits, with lifelike drapery and material appearances form the basis of the transition from real-life shootings to CGI-only productions. In terms of CGI bust photography, the Effekt-Etage production pipeline is already showcasing its advantages, while also accelerating the pace of change in model shoots. Brand-new possibilities are being developed here by the ‘hybrid’ approach, whereby real-life models are paired with digital clothing.

Innovation projects also offer a preview of the next steps for productions to take in CGI fashion. A 3D scan was used to create a digital copy (avatar) of a real-life Hugo Boss model. Dressed with digital clothing based on CAD data and brought to life with motion-capture data, the avatar presents the collection with entirely natural movements — and without a single sample garment actually needing to be produced.


From the initial design sketch to the sample collection and marketing materials: digital end-to-end offers many benefits, extensive synergy effects and new opportunities.

Greater efficiency and cost optimization
» Digital visualization cuts the expense and time involved in producing sample collections.
» Automated production of high-volume imagery for sales and marketing.

Acceleration of time-to-market
» Design workflow is speeded up by digital processes.
» Designs can be digitally tested for both form and function.
» All-digital marketing materials can be created even before the real-world start of production.
» In-season collections can be placed on the market more quickly.

Expansion of services and business segments
» New services for end customers: from CGI fashion configurators to VR and AR.
» Digital fashion as a future market: digital-only fashion for computer games and digital fast fashion.

The inherent advantages of the Effekt-Etage production pipeline are now a prime mover for the continued take-up of the digital twin concept by CGI fashion.