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BMW M5 technical animation

Unbelievable but there. The first BMW M with xDrive.
Powerful as always, for the first time with smart all-wheel drive. We explain the innovative technology understandably and emotionally by means of a CGI technical animation.

Client: BMW M GmbH




For different phases of pre- and launch communication, a highly emotive CGI technical animation was to be created, which explains the extraordinary driving characteristics made possible by the M xDrive technology as well as the aerodynamically optimised design of the high-performance business saloon car. The focus of the communication was the unique M xDrive feature – the different driving modes. From pro-active driving behaviour designed for maximum traction (4WD+) to 100% power distribution on the rear wheels (2WD), the spectator should be introduced to the spread of superior traction and dynamics in a clear and emotive way.

CGI Technik Animation / CGI technical animation - Effekt-Etage


In close co-operation with the engineers of BMW M GmbH, we developed a story-line that combines emotion and information. Photographic-realistic sequences show the vehicle in action. The observer learns more about the system components and their functionality by removing the bodywork and adding graphic elements. From rainy mountain roads to impressive drifts on a race track: a purely virtually created CGI technical animation.


Two films, one production. For pre-communication, we created scenes in which the virtual vehicle was covered with the concealing film known from prototypes. Since the official presentation of the vehicle, the film has been used with the vehicle no longer concealed. As a result, we see a gripping and at the same time informative technical animation in Ultra HD. Used at press and media events, trade fairs, POS, on the web and in social media, the film impressively demonstrates the flexibility of data-based product visualisation.

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